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s.k.y r.i.d.e

In an effort to conform I began to be myself. This round about wave of influence has led me back to late nights, laying in bed, focusing on a self not yet found, breathing and clinging to it for life and dreams, knowing that with the onset of a thought everything could change.

Non-conforming thoughts of relaxation, meditation of a adolescent mind, the power was bewildering and the process so simple. This is why I traverse a path back to that place of serenity and balance.

Life will never take me back there, it will not fold to the wishes of regained youth and all it's buoyancy. But the mind, the soul, the I will go and will be and is being there. It is living the life of wonder and control.

Every moment creates a new opportunity to shine, be, relax, be amazed, all of the above and below. I hope not for grace and style. I hope not for an affected self. I simply will make it happen.

I will go down to the ground in order to know the limits of the sky. I will move with swiftness through the creeping shadows of awareness. I will and I am here. I am now and if that were to change, then I would be there and then.

Until that time and until the time when it needs to be and will be and can be, I will be here looking out over the clouds from my home. The soul afloat, the mind a-ground, the self all around. How simple, yet how profound.

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