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a.l.l or n.o.n.e

This is a day. this is me. this is a day where i live and where i move and breath. there is not much more to this day.

One thing to remember is it is not yesterday now, and we have not seen tomorrow, for will we ever see tomorrow?

In this place where we live and function there is the overpowering question of what? What will come, what will we do, what is the reason, what can you do for me, what can i do for me, what is it, and what will it become?

When these are answered, we lose touch of today. it becomes a new day for there will need to be new equations. life is not moving with out a journey, with out seeking the answers, with out seeking the answers.

But senerity can be found as well in today. It can be conquered, mastered, and known and this can happen without out knowing what. but that is found not by asking, seeking, wandering, but by focusing on the none.

Look at the empty spaces and the question of what will not need an answer, it will simply be known to be. It will exist with the none. It will coninside and live its own life according to those who focus on it, and those who dont.

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